Westoe Brass Band

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Westoe Brass Band is a traditional brass band consisting of brass and percussion of up to 30 players. We are a Championship Section band which if you compare to football means we are in the Premier League. We play at a variety of events throughout the year from full band concerts in concert halls and churches to marches and competitions throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a varied and enjoyable concert programme with a mixture of well-known brass band pieces, outstanding soloists and innovative pieces from a range of composers and arrangers. Our concert programme is adapted for each occasion and we regularly change the repertoire so you will always hear something new when you come to one of our concerts.

On some occasions a full brass band of 30 players including our percussion equipment is too large for what you require, this is where our function band is perfect. The function band consists of up to 12 players (this can be reduced further to suit the occasion or space) and can provide a musical backdrop to any event. Our function band can provide music for corporate events, sporting events, birthday parties and church services and we work with clients to ensure that the exact requirements are met.

If you would like to discuss booking or working with the band please get in touch via or email address which is westoebandinfo@gmail.com, or by contacting our band manager Jo on 07891544786.

You can also keep up to date on all of the latest Westoe Brass Band information via our social media channels on Facebook (Westoe Brass Band), Twitter (@westoeband) and Instagram (westoebrassband).