Westoe Brass Band

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Westoe Brass Band has been a musical presence in South Tyneside for over 100 years. During that time we have provided musical entertainment not just in and around the local area but on a national scale, and are privileged to carry on the tradition of brass banding in the area, and in honouring our mining heritage.

The band are completely self funding and we rely on engagements undertaken throughout the year, especially those in South Tyneside, to meet the costs of running the band. In addition to this we also benefit from the kind donations made by followers of the band.

Despite being self funding we endeavour to raise money for local charities each year and over the last 20 years have raised in excess of £20,000 to support other organisations and charities within the South Tyneside and North of England area. Charities in the past include Cancer Research, and we are currently working with the Chloe and Liam foundation.

As is the case with many arts groups at the moment we find ourselves in the position that we are unable to participate in any live events such as the South Tyneside Festival and the Durham Miners Gala and have lost the funding that these events provide.

The band are hopeful that towards the end of 2020 we will be able to once again perform in concerts however, until then, there are outgoings that still need to be covered such as payment of insurance and rent.

We have opened a Just Giving page to allow people to donate and we would be grateful for any donations as it will help to secure the short term future for the band. And allow us to continue to sustain the band’s longer term future and aspirations for development of resources, community engagement and raising the profile of brass banding in South Tyneside.